Crystal Addict ✨3-Wick✨

Crystal Addict ✨3-Wick✨

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Have a problem? There's a crystal for that...

Light this candle and feel your energies harmonize.  

All jokes aside, we look to crystals to aid in all aspects of our lives, to manifest dreams, to harmonize the energies in our homes, to banish bad energy and to calm our racing minds. Crystals are companions; gifts from our great mother earth, nature creating more beautiful objects than we ever could. Each crystal has its own story and meaning, just like our candles. We have included some of our favs in this one.

Scented with lavender

Topped with amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, green aventurine, and rose quartz chips

Amethyst - Calming

Aquamarine- Joy & Happiness

Citrine - Confidence 

Green Aventurine - Prosperity

Rose Quartz - Love & Compassion

8 oz- soy & coconut wax candle 

*Click here to learn more about candle care & safety*